Develop by pursuing true value

With the orientation of respecting natural elements and pursuing true values, we not only create but also send our pride into each product and service. "Devote the true value" becomes a quality symbol, a symbol of the working spirit of Xuan Cau people who are determined, explore and respect the humanity.


Reaching for Devote the true value

By aspiring to "Devote the true value", Xuan Cau wishes to become a leading multidisciplinary company in Vietnam andprestigious in the region.Parallel expansion and deep development in the field of activities, in the future Xuan Cau will rise to become the leading brand to bring real value to the Vietnamese, and further the whole region of Asia.

"Devote the true value"


For the market: Constant efforts to deliver superior quality products and services; Get creative and dedicated to build a chain of products - services of a caliber, the true value.


For the customer: The customer is the center and commit to meeting all the most practical needs by giving away quality to get back the trust.


For the community: With the orientation of sustainable development, respect for the natural factors, Xuan Cau people are always aware of embellishing the natural landscape, being responsible to the social community and the environment. Thus creating a green living environment, contributing to a meaningful, better and more prosperous life.


For staff: Xuan Cau is a common house that gives each member a professional, dynamic, creative and humanistic working environment. Delivering and dedicated to opportunities for people to maximize their capabilities.