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With the mission of “DEVOTE THE TRUE VALUE”, Xuan Cau Holdings not only creates quality products and services towards the benefit of customers, has humanistic meaning to the community, but also creates a life authentic for travel companions.

At Xuan Cau Holdings, we are committed to and create a professional, friendly, equal working environment and uphold human values, sustainably develop a team of employees who are committed to the company’s mission and goals. company.

This will be the second home of each member of the Company – where you spend most of your time to live fully, work passionately and realize your ideas and dreams.

Therefore, we always listen to all of members’ opinions, thoughts and aspirations, as well as always strive to create and maintain an ideal working environment with an appropriate remuneration system along with a development roadmap for employees.

“Devote the true value” shapes 5 core values ​​of Xuan Cau Holdings: integrity, cooperation, responsibility, creative, sustainable and is also a symbol for work spirit, steadfastness, always seek and respect the humanity of Xuan Cau people.

We are proud that: Thanks to the persistent companionship of the experienced generations who have gone before and the succeeding generations who dare to be passionate, dare to aspire, have built and left positive imprints on the journey. developed by Xuan Cau Holdings. Therefore, in the way ahead, Xuan Cau Holdings always opens the door to welcome enthusiastic, daring and passionate members of the profession to accompany sustainable development, and sow the green seeds “Dedication” true value” for the community.

Xuan Cau Holdings

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Wage : Competitive
Place : Hanoi
Deadline : 30/11/2022
Working mode : fulltime