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Building Materials Corporation No.1 – JSC (FiCO)


General information

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    Production of cement and cement products

    Production and trading of finishing materials

    Mining, processing & trading minerals

    Trading and building materials

    Infrastructure construction and real estate business

In 2016, Xuan Cau Holdings officially entered the market of building materials production and became a strategic shareholder of Building Materials Corporation No. 1- JSC (FiCO), a leading enterprise in the building materials industry. built in Vietnam.

Along with the advantage of more than 30 years of experience with 27 member units operating across the country, FiCO still continues to explore and learn from domestic and foreign partners to apply the achievements. advanced scientific and technological achievements in the field of building and construction materials production. This development orientation is to bring the best choice in terms of cost, price and economic efficiency for investors and constructions when cooperating with FiCO.

With the new trend in the building materials industry in Vietnam in recent years, besides the traditional materials which has created its own brand, FiCO is constantly improving to provide consumers with environmentally friendly products.

Currently, FiCO is proud to be the leading full-service building material service provider, specializing in providing all kinds of construction materials for the great works and projects across the country.