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Dau Tieng 1
Solar Power Plant


General information

  • Developer

    DT1 Energy Joint Stock Company

  • Location

    Tan Hung Commune, Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh Province

  • Area


  • Partner

    Power China; Vietcombank

Total capacity


Total investment

billion dong

Start Date


Completion Date


As parts of Dau Tieng 1-2-3 Solar Power Plant Cluster, Dau Tieng 1 and Dau Tieng 3 Solar Power Plants are among the first plants that have the largest capacity in Southeast Asia, making Tay Ninh the solar power center of the country. This cluster of power plants takes the most advantages of land usage value, thereby turning the semi-submerged area that was used to grow one-crop cassava into one that has a great contribution to the local economy.
More than one million solar panels of the plant cluster are placed on a prestressed concrete pile system D300 at a height of over 3 meters above the water on a field of green grass, creating a cool dust-resistant environment, and as a result increasing power generation efficiency and project’s performance to the peak, as well as creating a wonderful landscape that turns the plant into an attractive tourist and sightseeing destination