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Diem Van
eco-tourism and urban area


General information

  • Investor

    Gold Coast Investment Joint Stock Company

  • Location

    Phuoc Thuan, Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh province

  • Area


  • Product


    Theme park

    Light park

    Floating market



    Overwater bungalows

    Seaside villas

    Yacht harbor

The mission of this project is to awaken the great potential of Thi Nai lagoon and Quy Nhon city, promote traditional cultural values, preserve nature, and create added value and create jobs for fishermen living along Thi Nai lagoon.
The project is expected to build up an urban complex of tourism and resort that is focused on lagoon landscape with experiential tourism, ecological tourism and resort services.
Especially with luxurious yacht harbor, high-class overwater villas, and high-end yacht right on the doorstep, this project will become a center of sea tourism by yacht, convenient for the experience of exploring the Pacific Ocean, making it a new symbol of the wealth of the upper class.