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Cam Ranh Ficosand
Company Limited


General information

  • Investor

    Cam Ranh Ficosand Company Limited

  • Location

    Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province

  • Area


Thuy Trieu white sand mine was assigned by the Ministry of Heavy Industry to Cam Ranh Sand Enterprise (now CAM RANH FICOSAND COMPANY LIMITED) to exploit under Decision No. 268 CNNg/KTM dated October 8, 1990 with an area of 263, 25 hectares, mining reserves 13,978,320 tons. After implementing the project to close a part of the mine area that has been exploited according to regulations, the project “Investment in construction of an open-pit mine to exploit Thuy Trieu white sand” continues to be implemented on the remaining mine area and has a total reserve of about 2.47 million tons (reserve level 121+122), the average SiO2 content by volume of reserves is 99.41% with the mine’s original white sand exploitation capacity of 460,000 tons/year.