Xuan Cau Holdings and booth “Dau Tieng 1,2&3 Solar Power Plants” participated in "The Tay Ninh Day in Hanoi" event, took place on September from 27th to 29th, 2019.

Booth “Dau Tieng 1,2&3 Solar Power Plants” introduces economic achievements of Tay Ninh province at "The Tay Ninh Day in Hanoi" event. 

Xuan Cau Holdings is the investor of the Dau Tieng Solar Power complex - an outstanding energy project with the best quality in Tay Ninh province. Dau Tieng Project composes 3 projects which are Dau Tieng 1, Dau Tieng 2 and Dau Tieng 3.  Dau Tieng 3 Solar Power Plants is an independent project invested and exploited by DT3 Energy Joint Stock Company (a member of Xuan Cau Holdings); Dau Tieng 1 & 2 Solar Power plants is a project of Dau Tieng Tay Ninh energy JSC (DTE) - a joint venture between Xuan Cau Holdings and B. Grimm Power Public Co., Ltd.

The complex of Dau Tieng Solar Power Plants 1,2,3 is built on the semi-submerged area of ​​Dau Tieng with an area of ​​504 ha 

The project started in late June 2018, becoming the largest solar power plants project in Vietnam and SouthEast Asia  with a total amount of investment about VND 11 trillion. built on semi-submerged land of Dau Tieng lake with an area of ​​504 ha. The project have the capacity designed of 410 MW.
After 10 months of construction, Dau Tieng Solar Power Plants was officially put into commercial operation and connected to the national grid in June ,1919, providing about 810 million kWh /year. It is estimated that it is equal to the annual electricity consumption of nearly 320,000 Vietnamese households.

 The inauguration ceremony was officially held on September 7th, 2019 in Tan Chau district (Tay Ninh) 

“We highly appreciate the dedication and effort of Xuan Cau Holdings when investing and quickly implementing the project schedule, soon putting the project into operation, contributing to the development of clean energy sources and economic development. social - economic of Tay Ninh province, "Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ngoc - Permanent Vice Chairman of Tay Ninh Provincial People's Committee shared.

The Dau Tieng Solar Plants has helped transform Tay Ninh into a major solar power hub; contributing to supplementing precious, green - clean energy sources, ensuring national energy security and serving local socio-economic development in the process of industrialization and modernization.


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