To celebrate the new year - TET Canh Ty and say goodbye to 2019, on January 11th-2020, Xuan Cau Holdings reunited at the year-end party, in the warm and vibrant atmosphere all the staffs meet each other at the end of the year.

This is an opportunity for all staff of Xuan Cau Holdings to look back on the past one year; let's remind the moments that always been together. Thereby, the Management Committee would also like to express our gratitude to each member for their best efforts for the development of Xuan Cau.

Mr To Dung - Chairman of the Board of Members of Xuan Cau Holdings speaking at the ceremony

The ceremony was extremely exciting with special performances for the New Year, especially two performances by the staff of Xuan Cau who received warmly support from all guests.

Representatives of the two teams that have well-completed in 2019 are DT3 Energy Joint Stock Company and the Nhim Island Production Team awarded by the Chairman. 

Excellent staff who have successfully in 2019 are also recognized by the company. This will be a great source of motivation for all employees to make more efforts in 2020. 

Awarded for the teambuilding activity in the afternoon on January 11th, 2020

Accordingly, the first prize of Teambuilding belong to Dong Anh Mechanical Joint Stock Company, the second prize belong to Xuan Cau Trading Co., Ltd; the third prize was given to Xanh Villas Team and the three winners were the Xuan Cau Hanoi Office Team, the Xanh Villas Villas Management Team & the Xuan Cau Construction Team; Union of Tay Ninh Solar Power Joint Stock Company, DT3 Energy Joint Stock Company, Xuan Cau Tay Ninh and Xuan Cau Binh Duong.

Numerous attractive and valuable gifts of the Lucky Draw in early spring have brought joy to all staff.

The party "Meeting Xuan Cau 2020" ended with many emotions. Hopefully, this will be a memorable milestone, keeping the special moments of 2019 and welcoming a new year with new plans to start again. In 2020, it is hoped that Xuan Cau will continue to develop and be more successful.

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