Xanh Villas project of Xuan Cau Holdings was extremely honored to win a prestigious award in the category of "The best green building project 2018" of the Vietnam National Real Estate Awards 2018.

Xanh Villas - Devote the true value

Mr To Duy - Business Development Director, representative of Xuan Cau Holdings

The Xanh Villas project of Xuan Cau was extremely honored to win a prestigious award in the category "The best green building project 2018'' of Vietnam National Real Estate Awards 2018. Green Building Development is a trend The inevitable direction of the world and Vietnam in the present - future period Xuan Cau always aims to protect the environment, develop sustainably for its projects and bring customers the best values, right under the motto of Xanh Villas "Devote the true value".

Xanh Villas inherits all great advantages from climate, landscape, environment conditions, advantages of the rapid development of technical and social infrastructure of Hoa Lac satellite urban area. With a prime location of Xanh Villas, within the next 5-10 years will bring sustainable added value to the owners.

Xanh Villas brings a spacious and fresh living space, arouse emotions with naturre on each senses. The natural stream is rectified, flowing from the base of the moutain, forrming a landscape axis, creating a completely different "green experience". Xanh Villas is the only high-class villa area with living environment facing to the water - an excellent therapy for health and quality of life.

With the aim of improving a residential community, especially associated with the quality of life of the resort right in the urban area. This place is both a relaxing gateway, with fresh air, freshness and pround to be the place to honor the level of each owner. Therefore, Xanh Villas is planned in sync with all utilities from Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Meetings, Relaxation, Health Care, Sports, Beauty... All utilities are investor developed, operated & managed according to the resort's standard with: Multi-function Conference Center &Xanh Restaurant System, May Spa Health Care, the Swimming Zone and Entertainment Zone outdoor recreation are expected to satisfy all the personal interests not only of Xanh Villas residents but with all resort guests. 

All of the services and utilities of resort standards will bring to residents of Xanh Villas as well as visitors living space close to nature and convenient. Residents and vacationers will no longer be bothered by Xanh Villas will provide all the basic and advanced care services such as: Shuttle car, Security, Laundry, Bulter, Gardener, Babysitting service, Caring for the elderly...


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