It will be have 88 solar and wind power plants joining the national grid next June, the renewable energy industry in Vietnam has initially developed. So who is leader the field in renewable energy?

According to the Government's policy, if any renewable energy plant can generate electricity before June 30th, 2019, projects will enjoy the price of 9.35 cent/kWh within 20 years. For projects operating after that time, the electricity price will drop to the expected level of 6.67-7.09 cent/kWh depending on the region; making the grid race of provinces and businesses more bustling than ever.

According to the plan of the National Load Dispatch Center (A0), there will be 88 solar power plants energized in a short time from April to the end of June 2019.

On mid of April 2019, the entire power system had only 4 solar power plants with a total capacity of less than 150 MW, by May 26th, A0 had energized 34 plants, with a total installed capacity of up to nearly 2,200 MW. As of June 30th, A0 will continue energizing the remaining 54 projects. This is followed by a huge workload at the dispatch levels, when the average power of 10 factories /week.

'This is a record in the history of Vietnam's electricity industry', said Mr. Nguyen Duc Ninh, Deputy Director of A0.


Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan are overwhelming other provinces

For many reasons, renewable energy projects are concentrated mainly in the coastal area from Binh Dinh extending to Vung Tau, to Western provinces and through Tay Ninh. Because of the most ideal climate conditions for solar and wind power projects as well as incentive policies from the State and local authorities, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan are overwhelming other provinces in the matter investment in this area.

According to the statistics of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) in March 2019, the total capacity of solar and wind power projects that they have signed a contract of purchase or negotiation of Ninh Thuan is: The most - 1,812 MW, followed by Binh Thuan with 1,222 MW, Tay Ninh ranked third with 799 MW, next is Phu Yen with 414 MW, and Long An is 5th with 366 MW.

However, in terms of the number of projects as well as investment capital, Binh Thuan is the leading locality of renewable energy industry in Vietnam.

To March 2019, Binh Thuan has 94 solar power plants with the total registered investment capacity is 5,347.72 MW, the total investment capital is more than VND 137,000 billion.

In particular, 57 projects were submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for additional planning approval, while 5 other projects were prepared by investors. In addition, 21 projects are being started to install, there are 30 projects with capacity up to 150 MW, 16 projects will be completed and energized before June 30th.


The first energized solar power plants project of Binh Thuan. Photo by Nang Luong

The first project of Binh Thuan Province which successfully energized was at Vinh Tan Power Center of the investor of Power Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (belong to EVN) on January 23rd, 2019.

While Binh Thuan is mainly solar power, Ninh Thuan has more wind power. Up to now, Ninh Thuan has up to 69 wind and solar power projects have been surveyed, of which 43 projects have had investment licenses.

Regarding wind power, Ninh Thuan has 16 projects that accept the survey policy and 12 of which have been granted investment certificates, total capacity of about 800 MW, total registered capital of nearly VND 28,000 billion. More specifically: 3 projects have completed construction of phase 1, put into commercial operation with a capacity of 117 MW.

Regarding solar power, the province has approved the policy for 54 projects with a total capacity of over 3,500 MW; 31 projects have been granted investment certificates with a total capacity of nearly 2,000 MW and with a total registered capital of over VND 50,000 billion. On the other hand, there have been 7 solar power projects completing the trial run, officially generating commercial electricity with a total capacity of 454 MW.


Tay Ninh has less but more high quality

In terms of the number of projects, Tay Ninh may not be able to win against Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, but in terms of their quality. Tay Ninh does not have many projects, but the projects they have a huge capacity, not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia at the time it is energized.

The most prominent of Tay Ninh's projects is to mention the solar power complex which has been energized not long ago - Dau Tieng 1,2,3 of Dau Tieng Energy Joint Stock Company (joint venture between B Grimm Power Company and Xuan Cau Co., Ltd), with a total designed capacity of up to 500 MW, with an investment of VND 12,500 billion. After inauguration, this project has usurped the biggest project in Vietnam and Southeast Asia of BIM's solar power complex in Ninh Thuan.

It is estimated that when the project is put into operation, the project will bring about USD 400,000 / day in revenue and operate for 20 years. In addition, on Dau Tieng lake area, there are some other solar power projects such as Tri Viet 1 solar power project and Asia Polytechnic 1.

On the other hand, there are two 117 MW projects of Thanh Thanh Cong that have been energized; HCG Tay Ninh solar power plants and Hoang Thai Gia industrial and energy trade and project area have a total capacity of 100 MW and an investment of VND 2,406 billion.


Two inadequacies when the projects are concentrated in the South and only a few provinces

With recent developments, the concentrated solar power projects in a province or an area is not reasonable.


Mr Vu Xuan Khu, Vice Director of National Load Dispatch Center.

Follow by Mr Vu Xuan Khu - Vice Director of National Load Dispatch Center, speaking at the meeting about supply power in dry season and preparing to energize solar power projects: around 12 o'clock in May 7th, in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan areas, when A0 is operating 650 MW solar power is suddenly reduced to 200 MW, due to thunderstorms ... In a day, the number of times the capacity changes over 50% is from 3-5 times.

A second concern, according to Bui Van Thinh - Chairman of The Wind Power Association of Binh Thuan Province, who is also the investor of a solar power project, the total capacity of wind power and solar power is approved in Binh Thuan currently up to 6,000 MW; EVN's current power grid cannot fully discharge its capacity (overloaded). Without a new transmission line, it would be impossible to release capacity if all of the renewable energy plants in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan were energized.


According to Quỳnh Như

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