More than 25 convenient services along the stream of Suoi Ngoc - King Ba are an impressive highlight at Xanh Villas, the most luxurious eco-urban area in Hoa Lac in Tien Xuan, Thach That, Hanoi.

The natural stream flows gently all year round

The lifeblood of the xANH Villas urban area is a natural stream originating from Vua Ba Mountain - a gentle Ngoc stream flowing down the valley, bringing the spirit of heaven and earth to the Xanh Villas.

In architectural feng shui, water is a symbol of vitality and wealth. Since ancient times, not only the kings who chose the land for the capital or the noble house to find the place to build the mansion, but the people also paid great attention to the elements of water when looking for a place to settle.

For residential houses, where surrounded by mountains, the curved water is a good place to gather air to build houses. Feng shui conception that where the water convergence will gather gas, accumulate money, helping the homeowner prosper, healthy health. If the whole land is surrounded by water and mountains, it will become an auspicious omen, bringing prosperity, airy, fresh air, and lush four seasons trees.

System of high-class resort-class utilities along the banks of Suoi Ngoc - Vua Ba 

At Xanh Villas, residents can experience 25 luxury resort-class amenities that are arranged in a very reasonable, scientific and convenient manner for residents along the banks of Ngoc - Vua Ba Stream. The outdoor swimming pool is a prominent relaxing corner at Xanh Villas, which is also a place to watch the beautiful sunset by the natural stream. If you are a photo enthusiast, you will not be able to ignore this charming angle.

The outdoor swimming pool is a prominent relaxing corner at Xanh Villas

Lam restaurant at Xanh Villas serves the quintessence of the regional cuisine of Hoa Binh / Vietnam and the world, giving you a very interesting taste experience.

The River BBQ area is located on the stream grass, where each family can organize barbecue parties. Enjoy the barbecue together and watch the beautiful sunset by the natural stream with your family and loving friends while only 30 minutes from dusty Hanoi by car is probably only in story but reality Xanh Villas.

Lam restaurant at Xanh Villas gives you a very enjoyable taste experience

Not only has a modern indoor gym in front of the swimming pool, Xanh Villas also arrange many outdoor gyms running along Ngoc - Vua Ba Stream. These areas help residents to exercise physical strength while breathing the fresh air of Xanh Villas, helping to relax their minds, reduce stress very well, and can enhance people's ability to focus. practice.

The outdoor GYM gym helps gymers to breathe the fresh air of Xanh Villas while exercising

May Spa Xanh Villas, with Jjim Jil Bang Korean style sauna system, including: Himalayan salt rock, volcanic rock, herbal sauna, cold steam, dry sauna, steam bath, body massage ... are set Large enough to ensure that all family members enjoy relaxing moments at the resort.

May Spa with its outstanding feature is the Korean-style sauna system Jjim Jil Bang

With a system of high-end resort-class utilities, Xanh Villas residents feel that every passing day is a true holiday, being energized and energized for a full life level.

Xanh Villas Urban Area has a total area of ​​45ha divided into 3 zones, of which zones A and B have been completed and put into operation with a total of 341 villas. Zone C is currently under construction.

Utility service system in Green Villas urban area:


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