Covid-19 has a negative impact on the economy, but real estate still has a niche market, protecting safe and profitable assets in the long term and being valuable for immediate use.

Market in covid pandemic

On the primary market, although a number of newly launched projects in the past few years did not announce offering discounts. While on the secondary market information about stop loss has appeared. This is a normal situation because small investors who are weak or who are borrowing money cannot arrange monthly principal / interest payments to stop the game.

For investors surfing and using loans, 8 months of market liquidity stuck is a difficult time, financial pressure and great psychology. If you cannot implement, postpone, reschedule debt and other capital mobilization measures, the last step is still to find ways to push goods to avoid further losses.

Demand for housing has always existed in big cities. But with the massive supply of apartments, investment for profit has reached saturation. Moreover, the unit price of urban condominiums is at a high level compared to the affordability of the group of customers looking for their first home. Therefore, to a certain extent, people who have a living need still find it difficult to access the market. End users are still facing difficulties, the investment group is not interested in the apartment segment.

The coastal resort segment and the serviced apartment segment for foreigners are not out of the above trend, when commercial flights have not been launched, foreign tourists have not returned.

Peri-urban house

Since the request of social distance, from children to adults, everyone looks forward to natural spaces. The trend of leaving the street to return home to take care of the garden to live with nature has become popular not only among artists but also in many professions from officials to businessmen. Simply working from home is nothing like being in suburban suburbs.

Telecommunication technology along with the transport infrastructure system developed over the years has really turned many peri-urban areas closer to the inner city. For example, the travel time between Lang Hoa Lac and Hanoi city center sometimes takes less time when traveling in a city with traffic jam. Similar situations are easy to find when comparing District 9 and the center of Ho Chi Minh city.

Thang Long Avenue - a highway connecting the center of Hanoi to Hoa Lac / Thach That, is assessed to have changed the nature of the travel time from the outskirts to the inner city.

Therefore, the trend of finding projects far from the city center, even in neighboring provinces, convenient for traffic and potential for future price increases for investment has been going on for many years and up to now.

Land is still a safe destination

Vietnamese mentality for a house is still both a place to live, rest, and a safe asset in the trend of losing cash value. Therefore, projects with well-planned, natural and legal landscapes and rivers, and within 30 minutes by car, are always search keywords of the end-user. and investment buyers.


Green Villas Villas are located in the sacred area in the heart of Hoa Lac urban area (Hanoi), just 30 minutes from the city center.

Projects with modern planning, ecological environment, natural rivers and streams, convenient and synchronous transportation system, full of facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, football fields, tennis courts, security 24/7... the higher the use value and the high selling price in the market.

Vision planning

Not only investors, state management agencies have made planning decisions related to peri-urban areas in recent decisions. In May 2020, the Prime Minister officially approved the planning of Hoa Lac to become a science and technology city with an expected population of about 600,000 by 2030 with an area of ​​17,274 ha. TP. Ho Chi Minh City has been approved by the Prime Minister on the policy of establishing Thu Duc city.

Green environment, green life with full amenities in Xanh Villas - luxury villas by natural streams in the center of Hoa Lac - are typical of life enjoying nature of successful people.

With the above favorable factors, houses and peri-urban land are really niche markets and bright spots for the real estate market, not only in the fourth quarter of 2020 but also for a long time to come.

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