Good internal market strength and many attractive sales programs are said to be important factors that make real estate constantly "heat up", especially near the Lunar New Year.

To explain this, experts point out a number of reasons that have a positive impact, starting from the cash flow movement in the stock market, which brings a successful year for F0 investors, avoiding the cycle cooling down after the recent hot rise to pour into real estate, which has better liquidity.

Xanh Villas urban area (Hanoi) daily welcomes many visitors to visit and learn about the project, especially at the present time near Tet.

Along with the revised Law on Construction and Investment Law 2020, effective from January 1, 2021, which will improve the approval of residential projects and shorten the time for construction permits, the priority policy develop infrastructure, enhance connectivity between the central area and the suburbs, satellite cities like in Hanoi, connect the region with localities; Socio-technical infrastructure in satellite cities, many important traffic projects have been completed and put into use... are also positive factors for the real estate sector on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, last year, the State Bank cut interest rates three times to support the economic recovery, while commercial banks cooperate with many reputable investors with large-scale and potential projects. high investment capacity to offer many preferential loan packages to stimulate people's need to buy houses.

A typical example can be mentioned Green Villas eco-urban area (Hanoi) when directly discounting up to 11% for villa buyers when paying early or 4.5% if paying in installments. on schedule with own capital. Even if customers use capital support from banks, they are also entitled to 0% interest rate with outstanding balance up to 65% within 24 months (no later than May 31, 2023) and a grace period of 24 months. from the date of first disbursement. This is a sales policy that investors consider to be quite "psychological" at the moment.

Attractive sales policies to bring products closer to customers

In addition to the interest rate incentive, the investor Xanh Villas implemented an extremely attractive "Tan Suu Genius" program for only 36 lucky customers who ordered as early as January 4, 2021. Accordingly, customers will immediately receive 02 gold amounts worth 100 million VND and the chance to win a special prize of 01 Mercedes - Benz GLC200 2020 car; 02 First prizes are Piaggio Vespa Primavera S 125 motorbike; 05 second prizes are iPhone 12 Pro Max 128Gb.

This sales policy of Xanh Villas actively contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the high-end eco-real estate market in the suburbs on the occasion of Tet.

Eco-urban areas around the city with synchronous infrastructure, full utilities, close to nature, transparent legality, convenient transportation ... are prioritized by customers (Photo taken of Xanh Villas urban area)

Although the real estate market is at an exciting stage, experts advise investors not to ignore the most important factors when choosing, which is the location, the legality of the project, the reputation of the owner. investment, transport infrastructure, utility systems, landscapes, products capable of exploiting good rental cash flow... then there are other attractive factors.



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