In the bustling atmosphere to welcome TET Canh Ty, on February 1st , 2020 (January 8th of the lunar calendar), Xuan Cau Holdings organized the launching ceremony of "Tree-planting Festival 2020" at Xanh Villas. This is the 10th year, Xuan Cau Holdings maintains this meaningful activity.

Last year, people witnessed a series of forest fires, such as the wildfire in Canary Islands (Spain), Alaska (USA), Greenland (Denmark), Siberia (Russia), Indonesia, Greece ... even the largest rainforest in the world - Amazon and the vegetation in Australia have been destroyed. Even in Vietnam, in the first 6 months of 2019, there have been more than 150 forest fires across the country.

Faced with environmental alarms, fire and forest fires, Tree-planting Festival on promoting the study and following President Ho Chi Minh’s example in ideology, ethics and lifestyle more than 60 years ago, now becoming more practical than ever. An economical but beneficial activity and great significance.

Every year, in Spring, Xuan Cau Holdings organizes "Tree-Planting Festival" as an important task to start the new year, a cultural beauty of the Xuan Cau people has been preserved and promoted in for a decade.

Mr. To Dung - Chairman of the Board of Members of Xuan Cau Holdings shared: “Planting a tree is a rustic job but it has a practical meaning. Not only bring a new mind, a sense of relaxation, relaxation, full of energy, thereby contributing to the protection of the ecological environment, contributing to sustainable values ​​for society."

Encountered in the new spring feature is not only the gaze of greetings, sayings to celebrate the new year, but at the tree planting festival, Xuan Cau people exude a sense of lake, joy, sweat drops become a beauty. dynamic. The staff of Xuan Cau is more united in the activities of meaningful humanity, society, community and lasting values.

After 10 years of maintaining this meaningful activity, Xanh Villas has been flooded with greenery, making Blue Villas a livable and attractive place to visit; proud to be one of the leading projects, inspiring the green real estate trend in Vietnam.

Photos of "Tree-planting Festival 2020":




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