From Hanoi along Lang - Hoa Lac expressway, it only takes half an hour to drive, you will see on the left hand is the Vua Ba mountain range, the natural boundary between Hoa Binh province and Hanoi capital. Vua Ba Peak 1,050m high is the common roof of Luong Son - Thach That area.

Legend has it that the mountain was called King Ba because it was once the place where Hai Ba Trung trained troops to fight the enemy. From Vua Ba Mountain, the gentle Ngoc stream flows down the valley, bringing the spirit of heaven and earth to Xanh Villas, a high-class ecological urban area located in Tien Xuan commune, Thach That district, Hanoi.

In architectural feng shui, water is a symbol of vitality and wealth. Not only the kings who choose the land for the capital or the noble house to find the place to build the mansion, but every ordinary person also pays great attention to the water factors when looking for a place to settle.

One thousand years ago, King Ly Thai To took a dragon boat to Long Do land surrounded by Cai River, the dragon rolled the tiger sitting, watching the river leaning on the mountain, opening up the Thang Long period - Hanoi was the capital. . Until the Nguyen Dynasty, the capital of Phu Xuan - Hue was also selected based on the ideal land of feng-shui, beautiful high mountains, Huong River meandering to the city of the city. These imperial land of the imperial capital are like basins of gas gathering, harmony of yin and yang, lush trees, prosperous talents.

For residential houses, where surrounded by mountains, the curving water is a good place to gather air to build houses. Feng shui conception that where there is water convergence will gather gas, but the accumulation of air will gather wealth, helping the homeowner prosper, healthy and peaceful. If the whole earth is surrounded by water and mountains, it is even more auspicious omen. These rare lands are places where airy air gathers, bringing prosperity to prosperity with easily recognizable signs of airy air, fresh, and lush four seasons greenery.

Static water sources such as ponds, lakes or dynamic water sources such as rivers and streams, according to both the feng-shui theory and modern science, have a positive role in affecting the health and living environment of people. From the past up to now, a house with views of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams is highly noticeable. In particular, the scene of rivers and streams is more appreciated because they are the moving gas sources, always fresh while lakes and ponds often have closed and quiet characteristics. However, choose to stay close to where the flow rate should be quiet enough. Avoid the roaring waves of water, because those are the places where the gas sources are strongly swept away, even eroding the vein. The rivers and streams that are considered to have the highest amount of air prosperity are gently meandering in shape, gently flowing with abundant air. Once you have a suitable location on the water source, the next thing to consider is that the water source must be clean and fresh to promote vitality.

The water source like the Ngoc stream - Vua Ba is born from the fresh groundwater is a lively form of water that never runs out, softly winding along Xanh Villas, extremely popular with feng-shui experts. .

The clear blue stream flows smoothly, the four seasons are full, combined with the support of the mountains and hills to create the title of painting in the direction of rich and precious water in Xanh Villas.

Modern life, when tired of urban concrete walls, plus lifestyle changes from epidemics, the need to find a life close to nature increases. However, the brutal human abuse for many years has made the State's forest protection policy increasingly tight, the search for ownership of pristine places to enjoy the full nature for small individuals is the impossible. In addition, the geographical location is far away, the long traveling distance is also difficult to overcome.

Xanh Villas township is located right in the semi-mountain area of ​​the gateway of the capital, the meager remaining space right next to the city still retains the original source of the sacred Jade - King Ba stream. Created in harmony between the modern architectural landscape and standard feng shui layout, Xanh Villas are both an ideal place for a relaxing life and business investment.

Expected in November, Xanh Villas will be officially opened for sale with many attractive policies. Therefore, from now on, the project has received special attention from many customers who love eco real estate.


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