The process of urbanization in Vietnam is taking place rapidly on a large scale, along with strong socio-economic development, rapid population growth, and significant changes in people's living needs...

Population and transport infrastructure: Leading actors

According to the General Statistics Office, in 2019 the estimated population of urban areas in our country is more than 33 million people, accounting for 34.4% of the country's population, the population density also increased with 290 people/km2. Hanoi has the second highest density in the country (after Ho Chi Minh City) with 2,398 people/km2. Over the past 15 years, Hanoi's population has nearly doubled, it is forecasted that by 2030 it will reach about 13-14 million people.

Meanwhile, people's income increases, leading to a dizzying increase in the number of personal vehicles, about 3 times within 10 years, the rate of increase of 10-12%/year. According to the Hanoi Traffic Police Department, on average, about 22,000 motorbikes and 5,000 new cars are registered every month, and 1.2 million vehicles from outside the province to the inner city participate in traffic. From here, it is easy to imagine a panorama of the city as being "oppressed" by countless engines such as "smog production" machines where people are present every day and every hour. still passively exposed.


Traffic jams often occur in the inner city of Hanoi.

Alain Bertaud - a famous American expert on urban planning once said that there is not a single city, even in advanced countries in the world, where the transport infrastructure can keep up with the speed of urban development. personal transportation like in Hanoi.

Like many other countries, population and infrastructure are always the leading factors causing the living space to shrink, the environment is getting worse, the play area for children gives way to parking. car…

That is the paradox of development.

Any solution for urban living space?

From the context of "traffic conflict" which is happening "obviously" and for a long time, the concept of living and working environment of urban people has changed a lot in the past few years. Houses in the streets and suburbs, fresh or dusty, "green or gray"... are no longer difficult choices if you have determined for yourself the following criteria: Living space, travel time, Transport infrastructure connected to housing, landscape utilities and services, schools for children, entertainment - entertainment...

Xanh Villas - Hoa Lac high-class ecological urban area (Hanoi)

The fact has proven that when the fringe areas of the city are developing day by day, the traffic planning has been expanded and completed such as Long Bien, Gia Lam, Dong Anh, Ha Dong and recently, Hoa Lac has emerged as a phenomenon. in the real estate world. Instead of going around the city with "chronic" traffic jams all year round, with that same time, people can easily move out of the suburbs. Not to mention, in these areas, the infrastructure for commerce - services is on the rise to some extent by taking advantage of the large space, taking shortcuts, the beneficiaries also have visions and ideas. more open, making projects and works also have more "playing ground".

For example, Hoa Lac, people often say jokingly that "it's far but close" because this area fully enjoys the transport infrastructure that is said to be the top completion of Hanoi with Lang - Hoa Lac highway, Hoa Lac highway, and Hoa Lac highway. Lac - Hoa Binh and the National Highway 21 expansion project, the future with the metro project number 5 on the Van Cao - Ngoc Khanh - Lang - Hoa Lac line. All form a perfect traffic axis connecting the entire Western area with the city center, which is a premise for the orientation of moving important agencies, creating favorable momentum for industrial and technological zones. high development.

In addition, in the general planning of Hoa Lac satellite urban area, education - training areas, medical, entertainment - sports complexes next to ecological urban areas combining houses and offices, public parks and other areas are also included in the planning. High-tech... is also clearly divided, creating a living space, a community that is said to be "desirable" today.

Pure natural space at Xanh Villas . eco-urban area

Perhaps that is why in the past time, a number of high-class ecological urban projects such as Xanh Villas have been actively sought and sought by the rich.

Xanh Villas has a rare feng shui terrain with "back against the mountain, facing the water", the lifeline is Ngoc - King Ba stream full of prosperity flowing along the urban area, with a scale of 45ha of which 72,400m2 is the area of ​​trees. green, landscape and more than 25 international resort standard utility services. Owning the most prestigious single-family villas in the region, Xanh Villas offers a peaceful life in an ideal space for the urban elite.



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