Macro-stability and recovery of domestic purchasing power... are measures in the optimistic scenario of Vietnam's economy in 2021, showing a promising future investment picture, in which the real estate sector is one of them. bright spot.

Recently, brand valuation firm Brand Finance (UK) announced the National Brands 2020 report (Nation Brands 2020), in which, Vietnam has the strongest increase in national brand value in the world with 319 billion USD. , at number 33 in the Top 100 most valuable national brands in the world (up 9 places compared to 2019, valued at $ 247 billion and ranked 42nd).


The investment picture of Vietnam is promising when Vietnam's national brand in 2020 skyrockets by 29% - the highest growth rate in the world (according to Brand Finance).

Explaining the phenomenon that goes against the general downward trend due to the impact of Covid-19, this report highly appreciates Vietnam's disease prevention and control work with surprising results compared to the world. Thus, along with positive economic growth in 2020, Vietnam has achieved "dual goals" with impressive results. Accordingly, GDP in 2020 increased by 2.91% among the highest in the world, FDI as of October 20, 2020 reached 23.48 billion USD, equaling 80.6% over the same period in 2019, total export turnover is estimated at 543 0.9 billion USD (up 5.1% compared to 2019), trade surplus of 19 billion USD, the highest in the past 5 years.

French economic doctor Philippe Delalande - used to be the Director of the Asia - Pacific Regional Office of the Francophone Intergovernmental Agency in Hanoi for 5 years and has written many books about Vietnam - commented, One of Vietnam's national advantages is the political stability that helps the country have peace and prosperity. This is a guarantee for consistent economic policy implementation, which investors and businesses have always wanted.

In the context of general difficulties, Vietnam has maintained macroeconomic stability and controlled inflation well. Economic experts said that if the export of many goods was interrupted last year, in return, "endogenous capacity" has brought into play its strength, domestic enterprises have initially overcome difficulties. It is also an opportunity to renew thinking and vision and improve the ability to adapt to general changes. Domestic demand is the key to the development of 2020 as well as 2021 through the large accumulated capital flow among the people, typically with the recent strong disbursement trend of domestic cash flow on the stock market and the forecast of the ability to "set a new peak", surpassing 1,204 points in April 2018.

The above factors are said to be important factors contributing to attracting the attention of foreign investors. Typically, large firms' plans to shift production from China to Vietnam show a positive prospect of FDI in the new year, signaling the excitement of the industrial real estate sector, leading to the growth of the market. Urban areas, high-class commercial housing on the rise in price and attract customers.

To catch up with the trend of long-term rental of foreign customers, it is necessary to have well-planned urban areas, and invest in synchronous and complete transport - service - utility infrastructure. (Photos of the swimming pool by the stream at Xanh Villas Urban Area - Tien Xuan - Hanoi)

When it comes to how to meet the living needs of a large number of foreign experts and engineers who come to factories, investors say that there is a need for well-planned urban areas, investment Transport infrastructure - services - utilities are synchronous and complete. There, in addition to modern living conditions like in the native, investors need to focus on living space close to nature, fresh air, good quality of service and security, convenient traffic connections. , near industrial parks, high-tech parks... Therefore, this is also a segment that is attracting special attention to the real estate industry with the tendency to anticipate the long-term rental demand of foreign customers in the near future.

Known as an ecological urban area with a scale of 45ha, full of pure natural elements, prosperous feng shui and a variety of resort-class facilities and services running along both sides of the natural water of Suoi Tre. Ngoc - King Ba, perfectly meeting the needs of cuisine, entertainment, health care and beauty, and sports of residents, with a prime location at the southwest gateway of the capital, Xanh Villas is a project A prominent project in the Northern real estate market in general and Hanoi in particular.

May Spa with the outstanding feature is the Jjim Jil Bang Korean style sauna system at Xanh Villas

Located on Lang - Hoa Lac highway, Xanh Villas becomes the center of Hoa Lac satellite megacity with convenient transportation advantages, less than 30 minutes to the center of Hanoi, to the school system. schools, central hospitals or cultural and tourist attractions in Son Tay ancient citadel, Ngoc Linh valley, Ba Vi National Park, or high-class entertainment services such as Dong Mo and Phuong Hoang golf courses.

Not only impressing when spending 1/3 of the area for the system of trees, water surface, amusement park and public services of the project, each luxury villa here is also designed in harmony with the landscape. Overall, creating a space filled with light while still ensuring privacy and feng shui prosperity. Besides, the sloping roof system with a long reach of each house is also carefully calculated to ensure maximum shade and erase the concrete feeling of the city.

"Live well - Welcome well" is the message that Xanh Villas investors aim to live authentically for all customers who buy villas for living or investment and long-term rental.



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