Wind Power Plants Project NO.7 of Soc Trang Energy Joint Stock Company was built in Soc Trang province, expected to be put into operation in October 2021 with a capacity of 29.4MW.

In the context that large hydroelectric resources are almost fully utilized, other large power sources take a long time to build. Besides, the demand for power sources for development is growing, renewable energy sources have an important meaning in terms of ensuring electricity supply...

Soc Trang has an average annual wind speed: 6 - 6.2 m/s and a coastline of 72 km (accounting for 2.2% of the country's coastline), which is considered a province with great potential. in developing wind power. According to the survey of domestic and foreign investors, in the coastal areas of Soc Trang, the investment in developing wind power here is very convenient. Currently, the whole province has 21 priority wind power projects for investment period 2017-2020.

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Wind Power Plants No. 7 is an independent project of Soc Trang Energy Joint Stock Company (a member of Xuan Cau Holdings). Wind power plants No.7 has a capacity of 29.4 MW including 07 wind turbines, built with an area of ​​about 7800 ha, located entirely in Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province.

Wind measurement equipment at Wind Power Plants Project No7

The planning and priority generation of renewable energy and clean energy that Soc Trang has the advantage of is creating favorable conditions to mobilize capital from all economic sectors, exploiting comparative advantages in wind and land resources. band. Since then, it has contributed to the development of the wind and solar power industry, increasing the electricity source to contribute to ensuring the national energy security ...


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