"Second house" is a concept that refers to owning a residence other than the primary residence, where people come to live for a certain time of the year.

The most typical example is a place for a vacation. This trend is becoming more and more popular all over the world, Vietnam is no exception. Gradually, the cognitive journey of a second home has also changed. The second house is sometimes even more important than the first, especially since the outbreak of Covid -19 pandemic.

Real estate professionals can come up with specifics to distinguish between a second home with a slight direction of residence and an investment property for the purpose of profitability. But in the market, real estate products that combine both for relaxation and business are common, especially when it is managed and operated by a professional management unit.

A suburban home is where Americans find themselves possessing the best of both worlds: urban and country

Suburban house

The first feature of the second home seems obvious, is that it must be away from the first. It could be famous resorts, coastal or mountainous, or a remote city. In the US, if looking for home credit, the lender will usually consider it as a second home if it is at least 50 miles (about 80km) away from the customer's regular residence.

A common option for city dwellers is around suburbs, where it's easy to get around by land for short periods of time. According to The New York Times, many New Yorkers, instead of choosing a place a few hours away from the city, have bought a house in the suburbs enough to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. With this same perception, Business Insider magazine also said that people who cannot give up urban life completely but want to escape the hustle and bustle of life have found a perfect harmony: weekend house suburban.

So, not only New Yorkers but city-dwellers from all over the world have discovered how to have the best of both worlds simultaneously. A few dozen minutes drive after a tense meeting in the office in the bustling center, entrepreneurs were able to join family and friends to enjoy a barbecue party in the fresh nature, watching the children naturally. by playing and sleeping overnight in a quiet, fresh space.

A natural corner blending trees, water surface, architecture and utilities of the Green Villas Project

The second or the first?

Not only the rich, but the survey in the US shows that young people also realize that a second home is the real place to rest, while the first home in the city seems to be just a place to rest. overnight after work and communication is exhausting late at night.

A recent poll by Zillow - a 2006 real estate research and brokerage firm based in Seattle - and Harris Poll - a 60-year-old market research firm - showed next to Because of having to stay at home more due to social exclusion orders, the top three reasons Americans consider moving home are the desire for more space, more affordable prices, and more room.

The Covid -19 pandemic led to a quiet operation of the housing market, but it became more and more intangible, the personal values ​​and the need for personal space.

Covid -19 also raises the question of whether now is a good time to buy a house? The answer of a brokerage agent in New York is depending on your judgment, but the fact that the market is happening, despite the real demand, the supply right now is very limited. While many people put their plans on hold for a few months, others are trying to find a second home at various price levels, so that when the pandemic is over, their homes are ready. With many people with the money available, they believe that this time it is easy to get a bargain price even though the successful transaction statistics are very low. Besides, for those who want to borrow money to buy a house, the current lending interest rate is being given many incentives to a record.

A design close to nature is the best choice for the second home - the Green Villas project

World efforts are helping to gradually control the epidemic. But Covid -19 has so far changed the way people work. Although it is not certain how long this will last, remote work has become familiar and will occur more in the coming years. When you don't have to think about the distance to work, the second house with its advantages seems to be more popular than the first, especially in the convenient locations in the city center like the outskirts. umbrella. And for those who have not officially owned a home in America, finding a second home is an easy-to-understand option.

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