Xanh Villas urban area has a strong attraction to the upper class of Ha Thanh by meeting strict requirements.

This urban area fully satisfies the living needs of the rich, legal transparency, rich potential for rent and profitable investment ...

The investor of the project said that the Green Villas urban area has a strong attraction to the upper class of Ha Thanh by meeting strict requirements.

For the elite, the home is not only a residence but also a resort, expressing personal style. In the past, the wealthy often lived in the inner city and downtown districts, since the outbreak of Covid-19, luxury villas on the outskirts of the city, close to nature, fully equipped. Security and safety are attractive to them. In addition, the traffic infrastructure is increasingly improving, making it more convenient to move from the outskirts to the inner city, making more people choose the peri-urban area to live.

The elite increasingly prefer green living spaces.

In addition, the wealthy often set high standards for "home". They choose a classy living space, close to nature to enjoy the relaxation, tranquility after tired working hours ... Villas in urban ecological urban areas just meet the demand. comfortable living, fresh green living environment, safe and secure ... and convenient to move.

Regarding the location, Xanh Villas owns a convenient connection in the heart of Hoa Lac eco-urban area in Tien Xuan - Thach That - Hanoi, it takes 30 minutes to move from the city center along the expressway. Lang - Hoa Lac. Residents can move to the southern provinces through Highway 21, Ho Chi Minh Road; going to Noi Bai airport and other eastern provinces via Ring Road 3.

Xanh Villas own a prime location.

Around the project, there are Dong Mo golf course, Phuong Hoang golf course, Suoi Hai lake, Vietnamese ethnic culture village, Son Tay ancient citadel, Ngoc Linh valley, Hoa Lac hi-tech park, national park. Ba Vi family ... In terms of social infrastructure, Xanh Villas are close to Maya Farm School, Hanoi National University, Van Canh University Urban Area and in the future is Central Eye Hospital, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion The National Center, the Dental Hospital is planned in Hoa Lac urban area ...

According to the investor, Xanh Villas are highly appreciated by feng shui experts because they are located in the semi-mountain area of ​​the southwest gateway of the capital, keeping the original source from the sacred Jade Stream - King Ba. The project is located in the area of ​​valley terrain, surrounding hills and mountains and natural streams stretching along the project, the land "title of the mountain of water" flourishes from the East Asian point of view.

Green urban area Villas viewed from above.

In terms of living environment, Xanh Villas have nearly 6,000 indigenous and foreign green trees that adapt to the geological and soil areas of Suoi Ngoc - Vua Ba planted for more than 10 years. All create large green floors covering the whole area, providing residents with a living space filled with nature and isolated tranquility. Besides, Xanh Villas are also managed according to the quality of luxury resorts, 24/7 security.

The project also has more than 25 high-quality resort services, rationally arranged, scientifically and convenient for residents along the Ngoc - Vua Ba stream. Typically an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant serving the essence of cuisine, outdoor gym, indoor gym, Korean-style sauna system at May Spa ...

Green living space at the project.

"With a total area of ​​45ha, Xanh Villas are built in the model of a closed urban area with a scale that is large enough to develop the ecological landscape, fully set up high-end facilities and have a moderate area to avoid becoming a concentrated, crowded and noisy urban area ", emphasized the investor.


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