Lang - Hoa Lac (Hanoi) is still a prominent hot spot gathering investment cash flow despite the difficulties of Covid-19 year.

At the end of the year, savings interest rates continued to hit the bottom, gold prices fluctuated, real estate in potential areas is still a channel to preserve and increase value. Lang - Hoa Lac (Hanoi) is still a prominent hot spot gathering investment cash flow despite the difficulties of Covid-19 year.

At the end of the year, where do the rich in Hanoi put their money?

According to a recent market report of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, it is worth noting that investors in the North are pouring money into suburban real estate. Hoa Lac emerges as the hottest destination of cash flow. While many years ago, 70% of investors in the North "fished far from the shore", contributing to the climax in the coastal resort markets of the Central and the South; the East of Ho Chi Minh City or the satellite cities of Dong Nai, Long An, and Binh Duong.

Leading in attracting and calling for investment, Hoa Lac satellite town is planned to be the most livable modern green, clean and modern satellite urban area of ​​Vietnam in general and Hanoi city in particular. Photo: Perspective of Hoa Lac satellite urban area)

Why does the cash flow reverse? Why is it that the outskirts of Hanoi, especially Hoa Lac, have strongly attracted investment cash flow in the past time and are still hot at the end of the year?

The rise of the Hoa Lac suburb is an inevitable consequence of the actual value of investment: associated with the real development of planning and infrastructure, not a bubble that comes from rumors and psychology crowd.

Hoa Lac has strongly attracted investment cash flow over the past time and is still hot at the end of the year (Photo: Xanh Villas project opening ceremony last November attracted a large number of visitors)

In mid-2020, the Prime Minister approved the master plan of Hoa Lac urban area (Hanoi) with a scale of 17,274 hectares, a population of 600,000 people. In terms of traffic infrastructure, Hoa Lac has 2 key arterial routes that have been put into operation, namely Lang - Hoa Lac expressway, which runs straight from Big C Thang Long to the end of Hoa Lac intersection and the highway to Hoa Binh connecting with Hanoi. Lang - Hoa Lac street. In addition, the National University campus has been restarted and a series of large factories of domestic and foreign names have been started or completed here.

Not only that, in the future, the growth momentum of the market will be huge when recently, Hanoi has approved the policy of deploying urban railway No. 5 (Van Cao - Ngoc Khanh - Lang - Hoa Binh). Lost).

In 2020, the real estate market faces many challenges. The scarcity of new supply due to the legal tightening action of the authorities. The upside potential in the traditional investment market is no longer attractive. Continuous epidemics and natural disasters make the importance of living space even more urgent. That fact forces quick-witted investors to find new investment territories. Hoa Lac market is hot because it "solves" the above challenging problem of the market.

Which products to invest in Hoa Lac?

An overview shows that Hoa Lac market is primitive and spontaneous. Transactions took place in large areas of land because a few individuals divided the plots and sold the plots for about 1 billion VND/lot. These lands can completely push buyers into price traps or legal and planning problems.

In the planning and development orientation of the State, Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is the national center of research, development and application of high-class technology. This will be a place to incubate high-tech businesses, train human resources, develop production, provide services and trade high-tech products.

With this orientation, Hoa Lac is the place to gather a large workforce of engineers, senior experts at home and abroad, skilled workers... In addition, along with the unique natural landscape, the atmosphere is clear. Clean, airy, convenient to move, Hoa Lac is also becoming the first choice in the trend of moving to the suburbs of the rich. Thus, the market's demand is very large and the customer base has very high requirements for quality, living needs... However, Hoa Lac market is lacking in projects with scope and planning. /500 standard, methodically designed, synchronous in terms of utilities and services.

Xanh Villas is built based on modern civilized architectural style, with maximum respect for natural elements

Xanh Villas - a high-class ecological urban area in the southwest of the Hoa Lac satellite megacity, has become a rare and outstanding highlight of the market. This is a project developed according to sustainable green standards with the dominant dominance of more than 6,000 trees planted over the past 10 years, the surrounding mountain ranges forming the valley topography and the surrounding landscape. The natural water of Ngoc - King Ba stream flows smoothly all year round throughout the urban area.

Xanh Villas is planned according to the model of a closed urban area with a high-class resort quality management system, synchronous infrastructure with more than 25 high-class utility services along the banks of natural streams. All create a classy, ​​civilized and fresh living environment for the resident community.

The scarcity of super-premium product lines in Hoa Lac market in the context of high demand has made Xanh Villas unique, making the project a hot spot of Hoa Lac market, not only creating good liquidity but also promises room for strong price increase in the future.


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