Investors or customers come to Xanh Villas not simply because of the "name", what they see is the potential and different advantages ...


At the end of June, the Government approved the master plan for Hoa Lac satellite urban area with an area of ​​17,274 ha and a population of about 600,000 people by 2030.

Crowded land, "concrete city", polluted air or Hoa Lac satellite megacity ... are all reasons why Green Villas with the name says it all, become the focus the current real estate market west of Hanoi.

However, investors or customers come to Xanh Villas not simply because of the "name", what they see is the potential and distinct advantages that rare luxury real estate projects in this area. have been..


At the end of June, the Government approved the master plan for Hoa Lac satellite urban area with an area of ​​17,274ha, a population of about 600,000 people by 2030. This is considered a new breakthrough for Hanoi to make a real determination. currently cluster of satellite towns (Hoa Lac, Soc Son, Xuan Mai, Phu Xuyen and Son Tay).

With Hoa Lac satellite city, less than 30 minutes to move from the center of Hanoi by Lang - Hoa Lac expressway, or a few more minutes to Hoa Binh by Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh expressway, in the future there will be more Metro line No. 5 Van Cao - Ngoc Khanh - Lang - Hoa Lac and NH21 expansion project implemented ... will be the premise for the orientation of moving important agencies out of the inner city as well as creating favorable momentum for the industrial parks, high technology developed in Hoa Lac.

Foreign experts, engineers and high-income earners are also concentrated here, forming residential communities with the need to live in high-end, super-high-end eco-urban resorts and urban areas. level of international standard. This is considered as a great opportunity for the real estate market of Hoa Lac in general and for investors in particular if it soon grasp the opportunity.

In addition, economic experts also stated that, for customers with real needs in Hoa Lac as above, they will find it difficult to choose to live in subdivisions for sale because most of them are projects. small, lack of utility.

Therefore, with foresight and long-term thinking, at this time, investors should pay attention to large-scale projects, clear legal, planning ... of reputable investors to secure the flow. capital and calculate profits in the most effective way.

Hoa Lac in the next few years is like My Dinh today - one of the leading development areas in Hanoi, molting from the vast fields of more than 10 years ago to imagine the potential that is unfolding open.


The common characteristic about the quality of life requirements for foreign experts and engineers from industrial zones, the rich ... is that they prefer isolated living spaces, and promote privacy and quiet in the community. civilized, culturally similar, close to nature, fully equipped for generations in the family.

In addition, moving to a workplace or a business connection that is convenient for business is also a major factor in the elites' decision to choose a long-term place to live.

Strategically located in the southwest in the planning area of ​​Hoa Lac's eco-resort urban area, inspired by the respect and harmony with nature with the lifeblood of the Suoi Ngoc - Vua Ba full of prosperity Surrounding gas, Xanh Villas has a scale of 45ha, of which up to 1/3 of the area is for greenery campus, water surface, amusement park and public services, and the main product is single, parallel villas establishment, more than 25 luxury resort standard utility services.

If the Moan Foam Zoological Garden, the maze of trees, the zoo give residents and tourists the feeling of being in the middle of a kingdom filled with flowers and natural creatures, then Kayak wharf, Moc campsite. Camps, flower gardens, BBQ, May Spa ... or functional utility services such as swimming pools, indoor and outdoor gyms ... along the streams bring interesting experiences of a relaxed life. but still modern, peaceful but comfortable, between a shared and private space.

Along with its prime location, convenient traffic, Xanh Villas also have the "backside of the mountain, the waterfront side", giving the project and the owner abundant resources, great sand, peace and a sense of peace. , wrapped, safe.

Another difference in Xanh Villas is that it has formed a long-term resident community and the project owner is operating the resort with full service, high-quality resort services.

VWith a scale that is large enough to develop the ecological landscape, fully set up high-end facilities and a moderate area to avoid becoming a concentrated, noisy, crowded urban area ... real estate circles Dinh has decoded the strong attraction of Xanh Villas over the past time.


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