Xanh Villas residents feel very satisfied and lucky to have a full life in the ideal space of this most ecological urban area in Hanoi.

Ms. Nguyen Khoa - a retired diplomat who has lived in Green Villas urban area since 2017 shared, she often tells her children and neighbors: "We are so lucky to have our superiors for us. accommodation like this. Heaven, earth, human harmony".


Residents feel life to the fullest at Xanh Villas.

Ms. Khoa said that in 2009, she and her children went around famous projects to find a house. But when she came to Xanh Villas, she was very satisfied because this urban area is surrounded by mountains forming a valley terrain with beautiful natural landscapes and fresh air.

“When I came here, I was very satisfied and I chose Xanh Villas” – she said.

Ms. Khoa also shared, being in the bustling streets to come here, at first she felt a little sad, but the more she lived here, the more she liked it.

“This urban area deserves its name of Xanh Villas, because the space is completely natural green, unlike other urban areas, people are planted in a hurry, but here it is planted and cared for. very meticulous decades ago, now there is a beautiful campus like this.

There is also a natural stream flowing along the urban area. In other places, people often dig artificial springs, but here is a completely natural source that comes from the high mountains. Look at me, I'm over 70 years old but I'm still very strong, I can cycle along this stream about 3-4 laps every morning and can walk 2-3 laps in the afternoon, come back very healthy, sleep very well delicious, it's a very peaceful life. I find feng shui here is also very rare, the house is leaning against the mountain, looking out at the water, like in front of my house, watching the mountain in the morning, watching the stream in the afternoon. There is a very good aura here,” she said.

Residents rate Xanh Villas as having a lot of air.

With a convenient location, less than 30 moves from the city center along Thang Long Boulevard, along with pure natural scenery, prosperous feng shui and a system of high-class resort-quality amenities and services... Green Villas is a place where classy owners come to rest, relax, and listen to golden harmony from nature.

Xanh Villas is a place where class owners come to.

After more than 20 minutes leaving the city center is a completely different world. Feeling noisy, crowded and dusty like stopping behind the gate of Xanh Villas urban area. The heart of Xanh Villas is a natural stream that originates from the limestone mountains of Thach That. The villas are arranged at different heights on the wide slopes of the hills on both sides of the stream. Every morning, waking up looking at the clear blue water and the rolling hills behind will help you energize for a new day - a therapy to rejuvenate your soul that you enjoy every day. while living in Xanh Villas.

Built based on a modern civilized architectural style, with maximum respect for natural elements, the urban area has up to 1/3 of the area for green trees, water surface, amusement parks and services. public. The green landscape of Xanh Villas is coordinated with European style, highlighting the strengths of the climate, landscape and environment here.

The green landscape of Xanh Villas is coordinated in European style.

Another difference in Xanh Villas is that there are no sharp, square paths here, but all roads are rounded with soft corners, winding according to the terrain, but still ensuring traffic function. Every detail of the landscape is taken care of when placed in the master plan, from flowering trees, along stream banks, to bridges crossing, from strange flowering plants to close native plants. As familiar as palm trees, bamboo is carefully selected and cared for green throughout the four seasons. You will be more relaxed and assured when Xanh Villas has an automatic access control system with cards, cameras and 24/7 security.

Xanh Villas expresses the desire to create a high-class, smart, and nature-friendly residential community so that each member can build a lasting connection with this green land.


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