Experiencing two waves of Covid, in fact, the real estate market has not had a negative state. According to experts' analysis, the limited supply in addition to the high demand are two factors that ensure the stability of the market.

Both save and business

Real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang commented, Vietnamese people already like real estate because it is an asset. He said that translation will soon be controlled, interest rates are lower and lower, consumption will increase ... So, this is a good time for individual investors to buy their favorite real estate. "Real estate follows the 10-year rule tripled, but must define long-term and methodical investment, not buy according to movement", Mr. Quang emphasized, "Real estate investment to win must have a vision."

In addition to the increasing value over time, the property can also be profitable from business exploitation. If living in the street, real estate, and apartments can be rented out for living, as ground .., the suburban villa can be used as a second house and for rent. Also from Covid, the segment of resort real estate in the suburbs has received more attention.

Pham Duc Thang, head of a department at an import-export company, said the disease caused both his work and his income to be delayed. However, his family's villa at Xanh Villas at the end of Lang Street - Hoa Lac, Hanoi provides a steady source of income. This villa has 4 bedrooms, full of high-end amenities such as a home swimming pool, karaoke room, BBQ garden ... always in a closed state with a full rental price on weekdays is 7 million, Friday and Sunday is 9 million dong and Saturday is 12 million dong.

"Despite the epidemic, the need for relaxation still exists. When worrying about going far, the peri-urban area is a convenient choice, both with nature and easy to move, even with compliance with social distance," he said. Thang expressed, and also admitted that he was fortunate to own a geographically suitable villa, full of high-end amenities and especially in a synchronous, professionally managed complex. Without the availability of green, clean, and luxury of the population, but single investment, it is difficult to effectively do business immediately, if not impossible.

Lifestyle changes

The Global Property Guide said it surveyed 49 housing markets around the world and the results indicated 33 markets with price increases. The market for the first half of 2020 is particularly active in Europe, Canada and the US. Even in the epidemic, the US Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that the housing price index in the second quarter of 2020 increased by 5.02% over the same period in 2019 and was the largest increase since the fourth quarter of 2015.

Covid-19 has caused global residents to change their way of life. People have adapted and are more comfortable working remotely. In an online interview with broadcaster CNBC, Sheryl Palmer, CEO of Taylor Morrison Construction Company, said that customers are buying more and more homes in suburban and rural areas. select houses that have been completed, including in the high-end segment.

We can see the similarities in the lifestyle changes as well as changes in the real estate market in the world and in Vietnam. However, a fact that individual domestic investors seem to be wary is that many new urban areas in the peri-urban area are unfinished and abandoned. Regarding this, Mr. Dinh The Hien, a financial expert, advises that individual investors should only buy areas that will have urbanization and will have people living. According to Mr. Hien, although it is necessary to determine a long-term investment, this is a great waiting opportunity.

In the above case of Mr. Thang, he wisely chose to invest in a project with a prime location, which is well planned. Thang's choice from a few years ago is somewhat fortunate because so far the practical plans for the Hoa Lac satellite megacity are being promoted.

Green Villas is a classy ecological urban area inspired by pure nature from the stream of Ngoc - Vua Ba full of vitality flowing through the valley surrounded by green trees and hills. The architecture of Xanh Villas is based on respect and reliance on nature. The villas are located by the stream of the year, hidden under the trees and foliage. Total area of ​​45ha, construction density is only 30-35%, 10 models of single and duplex villas with area of ​​190, 250, 290, 600m2 are delicately designed in a peaceful but fully convenient suburban style. modern high-end facilities with professionally managed and cared infrastructure facilities, placed in a fresh environment of water surface and quiet greenery, separate from the noise and dust of the inner city.

Suoi Ngoc - King Ba, it is said that in the past, Hai Ba Trung trained troops

In 2018, the Green Villas Eco Villas become proud of being honored in the category "Best Green Building Project" of the Vietnam National Real Estate Awards by the Vietnam Real Estate Association ( VNREA) organization. At the same time, during the stable operation of more than 10 years, Xanh Villas always ensure all added value benefits for investors.

Xanh Villas is also a project that marks Xuan Cau's entry into the real estate sector since 2006. It is the philosophy of using the "green" element in nature and cherishing each sense of the customer to initiate creating the first product, Xanh Villas helped Xuan Cau resonate and gradually position its brand in the real estate market.

In its development strategy, Xuan Cau is implementing many renewable energy projects such as wind power and solar power on a large scale in provinces across the country, but Xanh Villas is still Xuan's first pet project. The bridge continues to grow to new heights.

As planned, the Green Villas Villas will continue to open for sale in the next phases in November 2020.            

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