The most eco-green urban area in Hanoi Xanh Villas will launch a new sale of the most beautiful villas expected on November 28. Participating customers will also participate in the lucky draw and receive attractive gifts from the owner.

Xanh Villas are the focus of attracting successful people because of the outstanding advantages of the project in terms of overall true living value, transparent legal, long-term red book, rich potential for rent and investment. words are extremely sustainable.

Along with the trend of isolated and ecological living, a series of projects offered for sale at this time focus on the trend of owning real estate with high-class real estate, but most are projects. is formed in the future. Particularly with Xanh Villas, the formation of a community of long-term residents and the investor operating the resort with a full range of standard services has made the difference in a lively, warm urban area. with many sublimation experiences.

With the very rare number of villas in Xanh Villas, the sales policy for the official sale is also being applied by the Investor, which is also a plus point for the Green Villas fever in the real estate market of Ha. Cabinet present. Accordingly, customers who sign a sale contract and make an early payment of 95% of the villa value with their own capital will be entitled to a direct 11% discount on the value of the sale contract. If customers buy and pay on schedule with their own capital, they will receive a direct discount of 4.5% on the sale contract value.

In addition, the Investor also applies the preferential program for customers with bank loans. Specifically, customers will be entitled to a bank loan support policy of up to 70% of the sale contract value (including VAT), interest support up to 65% of the sale contract value including VAT with interest. 0% for 2 years.

More specifically, customers are offered a 2-year villa management service package with a gift package "Xanh Villas Resort - Green in every breath" worth up to 120 million VND.

Every morning, waking up to catch the dawn by the stream is an experience nowhere to be

Xanh Villas eco-urban area has a total area of ​​45ha in Tien Xuan, Thach That, Hanoi. Xanh Villas are divided into 3 zones, zones A and B have been completed and put into operation with a total of 341 villas. Zone C is currently under construction.

From the center of Hanoi less than 30 minutes along Thang Long Avenue, you are present at Xanh Villas to enjoy the resort-class living space in the heart of nature.

From Vua Ba mountain, the gentle Ngoc stream winds down the valley, bringing heaven and earth to the Xanh Villas

As life becomes more and more busy, many new people realize that family is still the most peaceful place, an opportunity to be closer, to love, to share more with each other and to experience difficult values ​​together. countable. Living slowly to be more empathetic than family affection, keeping the fire warm and full of positive energy, is the life at Xanh Villas.

All of these make Xanh Villas become the most ideal place to live in the capital, as well as a super product with great potential for rent and profitable investment in the luxury real estate segment. now of Hanoi.


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