Asia's largest solar power plants was built in Tay Ninh, located in the submerged part of Dau Tieng Lake with a capacity of 420 MW. The expected electricity output is 1.56 billion kWh /year.

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Dau Tieng Lake is considered the largest freshwater lake in the South with an area of ​​about 27,000 ha. In an area of ​​Tay Ninh province, a solar power plants is being built with an installed capacity of 500 MW, covering an area of ​​about 600 hectares. It is a combination of 3 Dau Tieng solar power plants 1, 2 and 3. When starting in 2017, the investor said that this is the largest solar power complex in Asia.


The area for constructing a solar power is the semi-submerged part of the lake in Dau Tieng Lake. This means that the area will be flooded during the rainy season, while the dry season will not.


To prevent flooding in the rainy season, the investor builds concrete pillars about 2.5m. On it is fitted with zinc racks to support the solar panels. The shelf life of solar panels and racks is about 20 years.

Each solar panel is about 1.6 x 0.9m in size and is mounted in rows, facing South to receive the most sunlight. Each panel will generate about 6 hours /day, equivalent to the number of sunshine hours of the day. With a capacity of 420 MW, Dau Tieng 1, 2 and 3 solar power plants are installed with hundreds of thousands of panels. The whole process takes about 18 months.

The electricity generated from each panel will be transmitted to the wiring system connected to the operating center to bring into the substation.

The plants is under construction to finish before June 30th. The solar panels are basically installed, leaving only the column and transmission line to the substation.

According to the investor, the solar panels are imported mainly from China and Japan partners. The other equipment such as concrete piles, transformers, wires ... are domestically produced.

When the solar panels generate and transmit to the substation, electricity is converted from one direction to 220 kV of alternating current. Then electricity is connected to the national grid.

According to calculations, the average number of sunny hours in the year in Tay Ninh is 2,600 hours. The largest solar power plants in Asia with an investment of about 9,100 billion VND, is expected to produce about 4.3 million kWh /day (1.56 billion kWh /year). This output is about one fifth of Hoa Binh hydropower plant. According to the investor, each day the factory will bring about USD 400,000 (9.2 billion VND) in revenue.

Location The Solar Power Plants on Dau Tieng lake. Photo: Google Maps.


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