With the extension of the preferential price to the end of 2019 as well as the promulgation of many policies to encourage the development of clean energy, the Government is creating more attractive for solar power plants projects.

Attracting investment

Although newly implemented, it can be seen that, almost 2 years since the Prime Minister's Decision No. 11/2017 / QD-TTg on the mechanism to encourage the development of PV projects in Vietnam, has been Create an attractive push for investors.

Locations that are evaluated as having potentials, pioneering in attracting investment in solar power plants are such as Ninh Thuan, Tay Ninh ... Projects by BIM Energy of BIM Group and AC Energy of the Group Ayala Philippines is the investor, which is considered to be Southeast Asia's largest solar power plants with 330MWp up to now, officially inaugurated in the summer of April, proving the boom and attraction. Invest in solar power plants in our country.

This cluster of 3 solar power plants started construction in January 2018 and signed a power purchase agreement with EVN by the end of last year. As of April 2019, BIM's 3 solar power plants has sold electricity output of up to 15 million KWh.

A series of solar power plants are under construction. Photo: CAO THANG

“Investing in sustainable products is the long-term policy of BIM Group. 13 years ago, we realized the potential of topography, climate and available resources of Ninh Thuan, so we invested in clean energy development here and started with cluster of 3 Solar Power Plants. Next, BIM Group will make wind power with the goal of developing at least 1,000MWp of clean energy by 2025” said Doan Quoc Viet, Chairman of BIM Group.

Previously, the solar power plants 1 of BP Solar JSC officially joined the national grid after more than 6 months of urgent construction. The factory covers an area of ​​62ha in Phuoc Huu, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province, with a total investment of more than 1,315 billion dong. The plant has a total capacity of 46MWp, the expected electricity output of about 75 million kWh /year.

Similarly, the Dau Tieng project complex (Tay Ninh) with 3 factories with a total capacity of 500 MW stretching over an area of ​​about 700 ha, is ready to go to the first 150MW national grid and is expected to generate commercial electricity in. In mid-May, until June 30, the grid of all remaining power plants will be connected.

People's expectations

In addition to large investors, there is potential, the attraction of the solar power plants also spread to many households. Although only investing a few solar panels on the roof, many households not only have enough electricity, but also have surplus selling power to the national grid. Since the beginning of May, with the purchase price of solar power 2,134 dong/ kWh (in 2019), many households have had income from investing in solar power plants.

For example, at Hoc Mon Power Company of Ho Chi Minh City, up to May 5/1919, the company has installed 2-way galvanometer for more than 50 customers installing solar power in the area and conducting "surplus" electricity purchase of customers. This is for the company. The company has signed contracts to buy electricity from customers with 2018 unit price of 2,086 dong/ kWh and 2,134 dong/ kWh in 2019 with a total amount of more than VND 138 million.

Mr Le Ngoc Tri (no.2, Dong Thach, Hoc Mon district) has just been paid from solar power said, previously the house used to regularly air-conditioners, refrigerators, fans, lighting systems ... monthly pay more than 1.2 million for electricity. After installing solar power from June 2018, Mr. Le Ngoc Tri sold more than 1,500kWh of electricity to the electricity industry and was paid over 3 million dong by the electricity industry.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 121 solar power plants projects have been added to the national and provincial electricity development planning with a total capacity expected to generate electricity before 2020 of 6,100 MW.

According to Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Tuong Vi, Acting Business Manager of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation, up to now, there have been 1,432 rooftop solar power plants works of households, which are connected to the city grid with a total capacity of 17,46MWp. Through the metering system, the amount of electricity produced from solar power plants models reaches over 4 million kWh to the grid. If multiplied by the electricity purchase unit price in 2019, the electricity industry has paid people to buy solar power is more than VND 8.5 billion.

Vice General Director of Southern Power Corporation Nguyen Van Ly also said that as of the middle of May, there were more than 1,290 rooftop Solar Power Plants constructions of the people, the unit connecting the national grid with the output. nearly 3 million kWh, the total capacity of solar panels reaches 20,299kWp.

With practical efficiency, next time the unit will increase propaganda for customers to continue installing solar power plants. In fact, Vietnam is assessed to have great potential for solar power. In particular, the application of rooftop solar battery systems to produce electricity will help families and businesses significantly reduce electricity costs and reduce pressure on electricity supply for the electricity industry, especially in the hot season.


According to Sai Gon Giai phong online


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