The macroeconomic events of the socio-economic in 2020 will bring many changes in the investment and consumption trends of the people. Ecological real estate on the outskirts of Hanoi is one of them.

Old potential from tourism

12 years ago, when Hanoi began to expand its administrative boundaries, suburban real estate was crowned with large-scale ecological projects, which were the focus of investment attraction at that time. It took a few years to "give way" to the coastal resort segment, now, after a global event like Covid-19, the ecological urban areas on the outskirts of Hanoi are said to show strong signs of resurgence. and more sustainable development.


After a global event like Covid-19, eco-urban areas in the suburbs of Hanoi are emerging and developing more sustainably (Photo: Green Villas Hoa Lac eco-urban area).


Explaining the forecast for the long-term future for this super-luxury product line, analysts point out that the tourism market is one of the most direct and obvious influencing factors. Typically, the habit of going to the beach "on vacation" every year in the summer of Vietnamese people has now disappeared a lot. Now, not only 1-2 times in the dry season, but also in winter, even simply on weekends, families can travel easily. Instead of a long trip like before, now it only takes about 30 minutes by car, the whole family has a complete vacation in the ecological zones around the city, away from the noise and dust to enjoy the fresh air. Living space filled with green trees, peaceful and peaceful water surface. Moreover, the view from the Covid-19 pandemic also shows that traveling by private means becomes more optimal, so when choosing a destination that is both far enough from the city and close enough to move is also considered. first prompt. This trend is clearly seen, especially in Hanoi.

Just about 30 minutes by car, the whole family had a complete vacation at the ecological zones around the city (Photo: Sports area along the natural stream at Xanh Villas).


New opportunities from trends

In the past two years, after a series of condotel projects (apartments, villas, tourist townhouses) failed to solve the problem of profit commitment, causing the coastal resort real estate market to "wobble", investors investors are "disillusioned" and tend to return to projects in suburban ecological urban areas.

According to experts, this real estate segment has all the factors to become a good profitable channel, bringing stable and safe cash flow for investors. Unlike a condotel, here, the owner has the full right to decide how to use it at will, can experience a life full of nature with his family, rent it out to the investor, or operate it himself. leased to tourists, both proactively receiving revenue and keeping capital through owning long-term properties with potential for price appreciation.

Eco-urban areas on the edge of the city are an inevitable trend now and in the future (Photo of Xanh Villas urban area)


Many national and international reports have stated that green cities or ecological urban areas are an inevitable trend now and in the future. Projects that emphasize living spaces close to nature have higher rates of customer attraction, faster sales, and 4-8% higher prices than other products, thereby increasing profitability. . If the project has convenient traffic connections, large scale, synchronous infrastructure, and especially is being combined with both construction investment and exploitation, it will always be in the "sight" of connoisseurs of real estate. .

When asked about the demand for resorts in suburban areas, a representative of the operating unit Green Villas said, in fact, even when the type of beach tourism blooms, the ecological urban areas around Hanoi such as Green Villas still maintains a stable state with an average villa rental capacity of over 80% during the week and over 95% at the weekend.

Green Villas over the years has always been one of the first mentioned projects when referring to the western area of ​​Hanoi, Lang - Hoa Lac, especially after announcing the Decision approving the Hoa Lac urban master plan to 2030.

In particular, with high-class utility services running along Suoi Ngoc - King Ba river located in the heart of the urban area, along with large green trees covered like small forests, which current projects need. At least 10 years from now, Xanh Villas is increasingly asserting its position as a potential project.

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