With comprehensive planning, strong development speed and clear orientation, Hoa Lac will be a green, clean, modern urban area worth living in Vietnam in general and Hanoi capital in particular.

Hoa Lac urban center is oriented to be a science and technology city, where intelligence and advanced technology are concentrated, a center for training high-quality human resources; a national center for scientific and high-tech research; National University Center and Vocational College; medical center, medical examination and treatment, nursing ... This will also be an eco-resort city, a science-technology city in the direction of developing a green city, a smart and economical city. energy, the center of the western region of Hanoi.

Thang Long Avenue - a highway connecting the center of Hanoi to Hoa Lac / Thach That, is assessed to have changed the nature of the travel time from the outskirts to the inner city.

In the near future, Hoa Lac satellite megacity is a very potential area for the development of urban housing projects, because it has a strategic location that is very convenient to connect to the center of the capital thanks to the routes. Existing and future roads such as Thang Long Avenue, Ho Tay - Ba Vi axis (6-8 lanes) will be newly built and especially Metro Van Phuc - Lang - Hoa Lac running along Thang Long Avenue.

If you compare the travel time, the time from this "satellite" to Ring Road 3 is even faster and more leisurely from the adjacent crowded inner districts to the center of Hoan Kiem District.

With detailed comprehensive planning, strong development speed and clear future orientation, along with the government's construction promotion and investment attraction, Hoa Lac Satellite Urban Area will be an urban area. green, clean and modern, the most worthy of living in Vietnam in general and the capital Hanoi in particular.

Looking back on the market 10 years ago, the My Dinh area, which was a vast field of fields, has now become one of the most beautiful areas with sky-high land prices due to traffic connections and synchronous utilities. and reasonable open planning. In just 3-5 years, Hoa Lac will be an indispensable part, a powerful arm for Hanoi capital.

Limited premium supply

The area of ​​Hoa Lac and the surrounding areas has long been in the sights of real estate investors and traders and is particularly suitable for the type of suburban resort real estate. Announcing the 1 / 10,000 urban planning of Hoa Lac is considered a push to create general excitement.

Not long ago, the Thach That district resettlement and residential land market also experienced a huge upheaval according to project information. Currently, Dong Truc land fever has subsided. Learning from the experience of residential land or resettlement, the investor turns his attention to urban and resort projects with clear planning and professional investment. However, the projects that meet the factors of location, scale, legal status, prestige, and land fund in Hoa Lac are not many.

In Hoa Lac and neighboring, the list of honorable real estate resorts in Son Tay includes Dong Mo, Premier Residence…; in Ba Vi, there are Yen Bai Villas, Dien Vien Thôn…; In Thach That, there are Xanh Villas, Asean Resort, Holla Town, Hoa Lac Avenue, Lucky Hill, Phu Cat City ... Among the above, there are projects that have been put into stable operation such as Dong Mo Tourist Area, Asean Resort, Xanh Villas, Yen Bai Villas; there are projects in development such as Premier Residence but with a small scale; a few other small projects are in embryonic form on the drawings. As a result, the new supply of real luxury resort real estate products in the Hoa Lac area is currently limited.

Most notably, also located in the most favorable location in Hoa Lac ecological urban area is Xanh Villas. This project is located in Tien Xuan commune, Thach That district, Hanoi, just 30 minutes away from the center of the capital. According to research, the project is both isolated and prominent on this main traffic axis with a total of nearly 500 villas according to high-end resort standards and has been gradually handed over since 2014.

All the villas at Xanh Villas are embraced by classy natural ecosystems

Green Villas is a high-end project currently located in the center of Hoa Lac, with a water-oriented living environment with full civilized amenities: Restaurant, hall, complex spa, swimming pool, outdoor entertainment area ... Villa land area is built with a density of 30% on the total land area of ​​45ha. The area for trees, water surface and landscape and amusement parks accounts for 32%.

Many subdivisions in the Green Villas project have been completed and put into operation, well evaluated in terms of construction quality, landscape, architecture, utility and management. However, due to the tight security of the project and the confidentiality of the investor, the project implementation information is not accessible to the public. It is easy to understand, because the object of Xanh Villas aims to be an upper class customer with a very unique quality of life.

As planned, the project will continue to complete the subdivisions and will introduce to the market a limited number of villas in November, which will surely be good products that ensure the criteria near the center, isolated. , class, clear legal, ensuring value of future benefits for investors.

According to Truong Thinh - dantri.com.vn


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