After the Government officially approved the plan to become the largest satellite urban area in Hanoi, Hoa Lac is one of the topics "occupying waves" the most in real estate.

Accordingly, it is expected that by 2030, Hoa Lac will have an area of ​​17,274 hectares with a population of about 600,000 people, solving the problem of scarcity of land funds and reducing pressure on the inner population. Not only aiming to be a high-tech science city of the country, a center for training, healthcare and relaxation, Hoa Lac will also be an eco-resort city, a science-technology city in the direction of development. green, smart, energy-saving development, in the heart of the western region of Hanoi.

Answering the question "Can I still pour money into Hoa Lac now?", The answer is "Yes", but to "close the deal" wisely and effectively, experts give some suggestions. very remarkable.

Scale and class level of real estate

Xanh Villas - The most classy eco-urban area in Hanoi

Currently, the number of projects that are going to be deployed in Hoa Lac is quite a lot, mainly plots to sell plots with a small scale (about over 1 billion), buy and sell surfing for profits, buy to leave. waiting for prices to rise, leading to an unsynchronized general planning, easily negatively affecting the real estate market and the people. This is considered a profitable investment in the short term, because when land prices are "blown" up too high, the end consumer, who builds a house on that land, will have little or no potential for price increases. long-term.

Therefore, in addition to the convenient traffic infrastructure and connection, the projects are large-scale and located in the super-high-end segment, synchronous in architectural design, landscape, and unique products. Villas, adjacent, shophouse ... are always the top priority choices. Because, this is also a part of the planning criteria and orientation of Hoa Lac satellite urban area, helping to increase the value of real estate in the future.

The sales office of the Green Villas urban project every day welcomes many visitors to visit and learn about the project.

Meanwhile, despite its large area, Hoa Lac is currently considered to be a lack and weak of large-scale, high-end urban area projects and complete construction. That is also one of the reasons why resorts and ecology such as Yen Bai Villas, Dong Mo Resort or the Xanh Villas project always receive good feedback from the market and customers.

Sustainable green development

According to a survey by CBRE, sustainable green is one of the top, trendy criteria of current customers when choosing real estate. In a Nielsen Sustainability report, the Vietnamese with the highest sustainability mentality in Southeast Asia, 86% are willing to pay more to buy products / services with photos. positively affect society and the environment.

However, in big cities like Hanoi today, the atmosphere is always in alarm state, it is not easy to find a green living space, friendly with the environment. This makes the general leverage to make projects that meet this criterion become more potential than the common ground in both the present and the long term.

In the list of construction investment projects within the research scope of the Hoa Lac Urban Master Plan up to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister, the Green Villas project (Villas - garden houses - sports - prizes Xuan Cau's location) is currently a "bright" name on the planning map of the west of Hanoi, Hoa Lac area with many impressive numbers. A recent example is the opening event of Xanh Villas held at the project on the morning of November 28, 2020, attracting more than 300 customers, more than 70% of sold units have already been sold. This positive sales result partly explains that it is not too late to invest or buy real estate products in Hoa Lac if the developer of the product meets the three requirements of customers about project location, quality amount of construction infrastructure and habitat landscape.

Xanh Villas has a total area of ​​45ha divided into 3 zones, in which zones A and B have been completed and put into operation with 341 villas, zone C is under construction. With 25 classy and convenient services along the stream of Suoi Ngoc - Vua Ba, a natural stream flowing year round, the lifeblood of the urban area, feng shui experts consider Xanh Villas a project "convergence of vitality, The rare "wealth of wealth" today.


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