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Xuan Cau Holdings

Established in 1996 with the principle of "Devote The True Value", we have been oriented constantly toward being a dedicated and thoughtful enterprise that brings high-quality products and services to meet the needs of society.

For nearly 30 years, Xuan Cau Holdings has formed and developed our staff with great integrity, responsibility and professionalism who have an extensive expertise in Real Estates, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure &Logistics, Building Materialss and Trade & Services. People of Xuan Cau Holdings have been working progressively and cooperatively together toward a common goal.

Xuan Cau Holdings has been always cooperated and shared with our customers and partners on every journey with the goal of aiming for true values with the highest quality, ensuring sustainable development, and meeting increasing demands of partners, customers and society.

Xuan Cau Holdings - For nearly 30 years of foundation and development.


To become a prestigious business organization in creating a green life in Vietnam by providing high-quality and sustainable products with the spirit of honest service, satisfying the core needs of society.


Devote the true values

Core values


People at Xuan Cau are honest, explicit in words and actions and adhere to ethical standards in business.


People at Xuan Cau connect and work together towards a common goal. Xuan Cau Holdings builds and develops relationships based on respect and cooperation.


People at Xuan Cau have a sense of responsibility and constantly seek effective solutions to assigned tasks. Xuan Cau Holdings conducts its business activities while respecting environmental and social principles, ensuring that the values received from the community will continuously return to the community.


People at Xuan Cau are open-minded. They are constantly learning, understanding customers, courageously facing challenges and creating values with creative solutions.


Xuan Cau Holdings has been built and developed towards the highest quality standards while ensuring sustainable and long-lasting development.

Xuan Cau Holdings

History of Establishment and development milestones


Trade in Services

Pioneered & developed an Italy brand "Piaggio" successfully in Vietnam.


Real Estates

Started the first real estate project and successfully developed the Brand of Xanh Villas Urban Area.


Building Materials

Became a strategic shareholder of FiCO Corporation - JSC - a company under the Ministry of Construction.


Renewable Energy

Started the first renewable energy plant cluster and made a mark with Dau Tieng 1-2-3 Solar Power Plants - the largest solar power plant cluster in Southeast Asia.


Infrastructure & Logistics

The project of Lach Huyen Logistics - Industrial & Free Trade Zone has been promoted and carried out investment preparation work since 2014. In 2021, the project was awarded an investement certificate apporving the 1/500 plan and assigned the sea area for preparation of construction. Since then, the project has been welcoming investors to jointly develop it into an international logistics center.

Xuan Cau Holdings

Awards and Achievement

Prize for The best green building project at Vietnam National Real Estate Awards 2018

Xanh Villas Urban Area

Gold Award of National Urban Planning Award (VUPA) 2018

Xanh Villas Urban Area

"Solar Power Project of the Year" - Asia Power Awards

Dau Tieng 1,2 Solar Power Plant

Typical renewable energy projects in 2020

Dau Tieng 3 Solar Power Plant

Gold Award of National Urban Planning Award (VUPA) 2020

Van Giang Ecological Urban Area

Xuan Cau Holdings

Member Units