With the mission of "Devote the true value", Xuan Cau Holdings ("XCH") have been and will continue to go on the journey of sustainable development.


XCH is a pioneer in bringing Italian-style products to customers through Piaggio motorcycles and is now one of the leading distributors of this product in Vietnam. With more than 18 years of construction and growth, XCH has become a multi-industry company with products and brands from real estate, commerce and services, building materials to renewable energy.


With the desire to bring real value to customers, XCH joined the real estate market in 2006 with projects to create sustainable living values. This is an important development step in the development strategy of real estate projects in Vietnam with the value of green living.


On the journey of "Devote the true value", with the desire to dedicate and endless effort to mark their mark on every stage of development, XCH has continued to expand its activities into the fields of materials construction, renewable energy ... with many member companies.


Over the past 20 years, XCH always has the co-operation of employees, recognition, trust from the community, customers and partners.