Electrical Engineer

Quantity: 01
Report to: DTE
    - Receive tasks according to assigned in technical management, technical calculation, reading and judging; report the design documents, proposal solution.
    - Have the knowledge to give judgement and protect the best techinical solution.
    - To handle the technical work realted to the procerdure of the State management.
    - Supervise installation, testing, operating of the solar power plants.
    - Other requirements of DTE.


1) Sex: Male / Female

2) Education: Bachelor or above

3) Skill 

- At least 05 years working experience in Electrical/ Electrical engineering.
- Project engineer, good at knowledge about electrical system power, power plants (substations and transmission line).
- Ability at design, calculate the power of solar power at plants by using specialized softwear (Pvsyst; Auto CAD…).
- Management skill, presentative skill, work independently or team, work with contractor participating in project.
4) Contact
- Please send your CV to email address:
- Expiry date: 05/12/2018.