Xuan Cau - legendary legend Italy in the land of Vietnam

"The Magic of the Beginning"

Big journey sometimes originated from small stories, 18 years before Spring Bridge also began his journey as "the legendary Italian in Vietnam."

Pave the Italian brand Piaggio into Vietnam, Xuan Cau quickly won the position in the distribution market and the belief of consumers. To date, Xuan Cau has become the No.1 distributor in Vietnam, successfully establishing the Piaggio car market in Vietnam.

The success of Piaggio's chain stores is a constant source of inspiration for Xuan Cau stride forward on the road. Facing the trend of product diversification, the penetration of foreign brands and the emergence of more and more distribution businesses have set the stage for Spring Challenge, with the question of how to create prices. separate, maintain position.

Putting the interests of the customer at the heart of development has made the mission of "Dedication of true value" a reality for over 18 years of development. Let Spring Bridge overcome the ups and downs, big waves of the time, from a normal business to become a business confirmed the pioneer position of distribution products Piaggio largest in Vietnam.



Trade Services

  • Sprint Carbon 125cc
  • Primavera 125 IGET Limited Edition
  • Vespa LX IGET 125