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In 2006, Xuan Cau Holdings ("XCH") set foot in the real estate sector, opening up many new challenges and opportunities. Xanh Villas township located in the southwest of Hoa Lac satellite megacity, is the first enthusiastic project of XCH.

Not stopping at a simple living concept, XCH develops the urban area into a prosperous residence bearing a sustainable "green" philosophy in resort style.

The lifeblood of Xanh Villas township is a natural stream originating from the holy land of Suoi Ngoc - Vua Ba, it is said that in the past, Hai Ba Trung trained troops to fight the enemy.

Xanh Villas are large enough to develop a fully set up eco-landscape enough high-end facilities and moderate area to avoid becoming a concentrated urban area. With more than 10 models of modern villas, lying along a gentle stream all year round, full of water and green trees cover the whole area. All create a pure living environment, fresh, quiet and full of vitality, separate from the noise and dust of the city.

In 2018, Xanh Villas township become proud of being honored in the category "Best Green Building Project" of the Vietnam National Real Estate Awards by the Vietnam Real Estate Association ( VNREA) organization. This is the result of persistent pursuit of the strategy of creating a product line with living value associated with nature.

In the next phase of the green real estate development strategy, XCH continues to deploy projects in many provinces and cities across the country such as resort-style villas in Yen Binh, Thach That, Hanoi; Van Giang ecological urban area; Xuan Phu Hung trade complex, Hung Yen city; Urban Area Ngoc Tuoc 2, Vung Tau City ... and other projects are in the process of completing legal.

Creating a "green" standard of living, contributing and raising the level of real estate in Vietnam, in recent years XCH has gradually become one of the prestigious brands in the green real estate sector in Vietnam.



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