In 2018, Hoi An City (Quang Nam) achieved an impressive number of tourism growth, with over 7 million visitors. An increase of 76% compared to 2017 is also a launching pad for real estate to make breakthroughs, especially the resort real estate segment.

Potential for development of Hoi An real estate resort

Hoi An is one of the rare ancient cities still preserved almost intact, becoming an attractive tourist destination for international visitors. Recently, Hoi An has been voted one of the best tourist cities in Asia by readers of Travelandleisure Magazine. As a bustling international commercial port more than 400 years ago, Hoi An is a land of diverse culture and harmony between East and West.

Located downstream Thu Bon River, coastal Quang Nam province, far from Da Nang city about 30 km of the South, Hoi An owns An Bang beach "the most beautiful". Hoi An city has the full potential of both development and advantages to attract tourists and real estate investors.

Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the hot spots to attract domestic and foreign tourists, the advantage of tourism is the guarantee for the real estate fever of Hoi An city in the future.

Leverage develops from "smokeless" industry

Over nearly 20 years, since the old town was recognized as a world cultural heritage, Hoi An tourism has accelerated significantly with an annual growth rate of about 15%/year. Statistics in the last 5 years, this "smokeless" industry has brought impressive numbers for Hoi An tourism.

Thereby, tourists of Hoi An City is doubled, from about 1.6 million (2013) to more than 3.3 million (2017), the average growth rate of 5 years (2013 - 2017) is nearly 119%. In the first 9 months of 2018, Hoi An welcomed 4.55 million visitors, an increase of 76.84% over the same period. Estimated number of days of stay by tourists is about 2.5 days, room occupancy rate reaches 54%. 

In particular, in recent years, as the aviation infrastructure in Danang has improved, more and more direct flights from Da Nang to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China ... have creating a push for travel trade in Quang Nam - Da Nang.

Since then, Hoi An tourism market has received a large number of tourists from the above countries to visit and stay. Among international tourists, more than 50% is Korean tourists. This is a potential market in tourism and hotel exploitation in Da Nang and Quang Nam.

It is time for development of real estate resort 

According to Savill's statistics, the selling price of condotel in Da Nang in 2018 had a slight increase with the average primary selling price of 2,100$/m2, the absorption rate reached 86%. The 5-star luxury hotel performed well with more than 2,000 rooms launched and the villa segment increased by about 50 units. The above figures come from the leverage of the tourism industry when Hoi An - Da Nang is becoming a favorite address on the world tourism map.

Evaluating the market development, Mr. Ho Nguyen Truong - General Director of Linkhouse Central Real Estate Company said: “With the development of resort tourism, condotel is a segment that is expected to be the future of the real estate market. Danang - Hoi An. For this type of people, many are still afraid of ownership restrictions. However, through 2019 there will be more easier policies for condotel. Therefore, investors should learn and choose projects that are transparent in terms of legal, long-term ownership and reputable operating unit to secure investment capital".

General comments from investors, the area of ​​Hoi An and th Southeast of Quang Nam province will soon become a potential market in the field of real estate. Especially the resort segment will occupy a relatively large market share from the benefits of the tourism industry.

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