On April 28th 2020 at Xanh Villas, Xuan Cau Holdings organized "Project launch ceremony THE DT3 SOLAR POWER PLANTS PROJECT - PHASE 3"

Dau Tieng Solar Power Plants 1,2,3 - The largest power complex in Southeast Asia with a total installed capacity of up to 410MW is built on the semi-submerged land area of Dau Tieng lake (Tay Ninh) that has been connected to the national electricity grid from June 2019, providing electricity output of about 810 million kwh/year.

Tổ hợp Nhà máy điện Mặt trời Dầu Tiếng 1,2,3.

Dau Tieng Solar Power Plants 1,2,3.

Dau Tieng 3 Solar Power Plants is an independent project built and developed by DT3 Energy Joint Stock Company (a member of Xuan Cau Holdings). DT3 solar power plants was built in Tan Hung & Tan Phu, Tan Chau district, Tay Ninh province with a capacity of 150MW. As one of the pioneering solar projects with the largest scale and investment capital in the country today, it is certainly that Dau Tieng 3 project will contribute to the local economic development and supplement of clean energy sources for country.

After Phase 1&2 of the DT3 Solar Power Plants Project has been run for a time, up to now, Phase 3 of the project has begun to be implemented.

The Project Launching Ceremony was attended by Management Committee of Xuan Cau Holdings & Xuan Cau Staff.

Ông Tô Dũng - Chủ tịch HĐTV Xuân Cầu Holdings tuyên bố Lễ xuất quân triển khai dự án điện năng lượng mặt trời DT3 giai đoạn 3.

Mr. To Dung - Chairman of the Board of Members of Xuan Cau Holdings announced the launching ceremony of DT3 solar power plants project phase 3.
Mr Nil đại diện Ban lãnh đạo công ty trao phần thưởng cho tập thể CBNV đã tham gia đàm phán, ký kết hợp đồng EPC dự án DT3. 
Mr. Nil represented the Management Committee to give awards to all employees who participated in the negotiation and signing of the E3 contract of DT3 project.

Ban lãnh đạo công ty cùng nâng ly chúc mừng Lễ xuất quân Triển khai dự án DT3 giai đoạn 3.

Management Committee of Xuan Cau Holdings raised a glass to congratulate the Launching Ceremony of DT3 project phase 3.


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