Keeping the mission unchanged is "devoted to true value", Xuan Cau people are, and will continue to step on the journey to conquer new heights. Over a period of more than 15 years of construction and growth, from a business that started with bringing Italian legend to Vietnam with Piaggio, Xuan Cau has become a multidisciplinary company in Vietnam. Strategic brands range from real estate, trade - services, building materials to energy. In each field, Xuan Bridge creates distinct values ​​with the role of pioneer - Creator.

As a pioneer bringing Italian legend to customers through Piaggio product line and become one of the leading distributors of this product line in Vietnam. This first step has brought the enthusiasm and wing for the dreams of the Spring Flying Bridge, flying higher in the next field.

As a creator of true values ​​for the Vietnamese, Xuan Cau entered the real estate market in 2006 with a series of projects to create values ​​of living green sustainable living standards and perfect. Marking an important step forward in the development strategy of real estate projects under the brand name of Xuan Cau with the value of living in the territory of Vietnam in the future.

15 years on the journey to offer true value, Spring Bridge is not alone, there is the co-operation of employees, recognition, trust from the community, customers and partners. More than that, it is the desire to make a burning and unremitting effort to keep track of each step, conquering new areas. So far, Xuan Cau has gradually expanded its market share with 8 member companies diversified field of operation, and became major shareholders of capital contributions of many companies.

This is not only the road that Xuan Cau chose to become a business oriented towards the sustainable development of the community, but also confirms the stature and the sustainable development of a multi-industry company in Vietnam. Male.